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Cock-A-Doodle-Doo: 100 Morning Haiku

Cock-A-Doodle-Doo - Display Cover
I am thrilled to have this beautiful book of haiku. I've been reading it daily. These poems touch my heart and soul.
— Sarah

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Enjoy these 100 haiku written to greet the new day and wake you up.


Good morning to you
intrepid wanderers all.
Let’s go chase the sun! 

Haiku (俳句) is a short form of poetry originating from Japan. In English, a haiku is typically broken into three lines with a syllable pattern of 5 / 7 / 5. There are many other related forms of poetry, though few are as popular as the haiku. In a very busy and noisy world, the haiku cuts through the cacophony with striking simplicity.

Poems for Everyone by Brian J. Mueller

Brian Mueller

About Brian Mueller

Poetry is one of the oldest, most powerful, and universal art forms. Poetry is embedded in the human heart and mind. It originates at the very core of our desire to communicate through song and storytelling. Everyone has the capacity to create poetry, but for some reason many of us don’t feel we’re either skilled or educated enough to call ourselves poets. I say nonsense!

I began writing poetry in earnest while in school. I would write before class to pass the time and relieve some stress. I found it cathartic to spill what I was thinking onto an empty page. Of course a lot of my early poems were very romantic and often rhymed. Nonetheless, this was the starting point and an important first step into what has become a powerful healing practice for me later in my life.

Much later, after many years in which I wrote very little outside of my work, I again picked up my pen and notebook and began to write. At the time I was dealing with some challenges that befall us all in mid-life. Newly divorced and uncertain how to move forward, I turned to poetry to help me make sense of life’s absurdities.

No matter what the issue, recovery takes time and poetry alone won’t cure anyone. Yet during some of the most difficult periods of life, I’ve found poetry gives voice to something much deeper inside. I call this soul. And once you hear your soul speak, you’ll want to keep on hearing what it has to tell you.

These days I’ve got a regular practice of writing poetry and have self-published eight volumes of my own work. Therefore I’ve created this website dedicated to sharing my poetry with readers and other poets. In this process, I’ve become a much better poet through sharing my work and receiving feedback. And of course I owe a great deal to the many writers and poets who’ve inspired me, as well as to the many women and men who’ve been encouraging to me.

So please take your time browsing my website. There are many poems you can read and freely share. There are also links to purchase copies of my books both printed and digital. And not only do I hope you’ll enjoy and appreciate them, but that they may inspire you to also discover your own inner poet!

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