Brian J. Mueller: Poet & Graphic Designer

Brian Mueller

Brian Mueller is a self-published poet and graphic designer. He also leads an annual writing retreat for men. His books of poetry can be found at https://digitalalphabet.com.

Brian’s latest book, Cock-A-Doodle-Doo: 100 Morning Haiku (2022), is a collection of poems written during the first year of the Covid-19 Epidemic. The challenge of utilizing the brevity of the haiku form to involve more of the reader’s own imagination with his poems appealed to Brian.

His previous collections are the four volume Brian’s Poem of the Day SeriesTomorrow Could be Wonderful (2017), Second Communion (2018), Jonah (2019), and The Invitation (2020). Brian’s is also the writers of the Bull SeriesBull Head (2002), Bull Heart (2015), More Bull (2016) and Complete Bull (2017).

Brian cultivated a large following for his poetry by publishing a daily poem from 2016-2021. His readers like the fact that his writing is very candid and easily accessible. Brian believes that everyone has within them the voice and spirit of a poet. The real challenge is for many of us is to hear that voice and share it with others.

As a poet, Brian is devoted to finding deeper meaning and beauty within his own life. He does this through a daily writing practice and also through cultivating his spirituality within larger communities. Whenever possible Brian comes together with others also seeking a more nuanced appreciation of their lived experiences through open and honest sharing. Among Brian’s poetic inspirations are Rumi, Mary Oliver, Mark Nepo, Charles Bukowski, Wendell Berry, and many others.

Though Brian spends workdays as graphic design and webmaster, he’s committed to leading a generative life through coming together with others in community. Brian lives in Southwestern Ohio with his wife and dogs who snooze and keep him company while he writes.

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